Location of fishing grounds and farms

We get our supplies from several sites

Sustainable fishing, wild fish, the MSC label

 Rich, vast and well oxygenated, the Atlantic ocean is the ideal place for the development of many species, such as the herring.
- Our pollock is caught in the deep waters of the Pacific ocean where it develops in shoals.
- Our cod liver comes from the skrei, the top quality Norwegian cod which develops in the cold waters of the Lofoten Islands.

- Our sprats, small wild fish, do not yet carry the MSC label because they are

small fish      
not  widespread and known only to connoisseurs.

Reasoned farming

- in the far north of Norway, the Lofoten Islands offer pure, icy waters which salmon love and can develop at their own pace.
- Our trout and shrimps are farmed in very high quality farms where reasoned development of the species is a priority.