The company and the team

Founded in 1993, Fimco is an SME with a team of 6  where each person represents an essential link in the supply chain, in quality control and in the distribution of our products. This works to the satisfaction of customers, consumers and personnel alike.

We have a dynamic strategy consisting of continuous improvement and review. Here is a typical outline of our activity, from selection of products to distribution.

1/ Selection of product and supplier  

We look for the best products in the best places.
We select areas which are most favourable to the development of the species chosen and the specialists in their production.        
Our priority is to chose fish from sustainable fishing, and preferably carrying the MSC label (Marine Stewardship Council).

2/ Food safety and quality     

We check food safety, quality and the dependability of our products and our suppliers.
Fimco is an upper-level certified IFS BROKER. This certification guarantees consumers that there is ongoing follow-up,
rigorous monitoring and a high level of food safety with regard to the supply chain.

3/ Product development

We develop our recipes  to get the ideal balance in favours and we create packaging which gives consumers full information about the products.
We focus our efforts and research with our suppliers on developing  “clean labels” (products with little or no additives).

4/ Supply and distribution

We manage the supply of our products and their distribution with the aim of making our range available in all sales outlets.

Fimco has built a solid reputation in the canned fish sector over more than 20 years and is constantly seeking improvement.